Welcome to my blog! MSM supplement (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a relatively new dietary supplement form of sulfur. It offers a great feature to the body in many ways such as beauty, detoxification, and ability to relieve pain and inflammation. Considering taking MSM Supplements for better health.

MSM Supplement introduction

          Methylsulfonylmethane (or MSM) is an organic sulfur compound that stored in virtually every cell within our bodies such as the skin, hair, nails, joints, and cell with the highest concentrations. It is also known by several other names such as methyl sulfone and DMSO2. MSM is a member of the sulfur family, which Sulfur is vital to the creation and regeneration of tissue. But you should not be confused with sulfar drugs, sulfates, or sulfites that are well known that it causes allergic and other adverse reactions. It occurs naturally in the food we eat and found in the tissues of plants and animals. However, heat from cooking will destroy MSM which it is difficult to get it.

Structure and chemical properties of MSM

          MSM is structurally related to dimethyl sulfoxide (or DMSO) and also a metabolite of DMSO as well. DMSO is types of sulfur compounds that occur naturally have the ability to reduce pain and anti-inflammatory, which has a very strong smell. But it odorless of DMSO and this is one of the reasons it is preferred over DMSO.

Basic properpainties of the MSM supplement on the body

          Well known that MSM supplement is a member of the sulfur family, and sulfur has the benefit that you will be shocked. The sulfur is an essential ingredient of protein and it is necessary for collagen synthesis. Collagen is the most common protein in our bodies. It is the main component of skin, Cartilage and all connective tissue that needed for the growth and repair of cells, blood vessels and bones. The connective tissue is tissue flexible that consists of protein with flexible sulfur bonds. This is the reason for that, the MSM is essential to the creation and regeneration of tissue.

          MSM supplement affects the energy and balance of the body because sulfur participation to the permeability of cell membranes. This means that it affects the transport of oxygen and nutrients into and excretion of waste out of cells. 

Benefits and applications of MSM supplement

                      - MSM supplement will make your skin softer and smoother, including hair shine. 
                      - MSM supplement has the ability to detoxify, relief of allergy symptoms and energy systems in the body.
                      - MSM supplement can relieve inflammation and reduce pain.
                      - MSM supplement is increases ability to produce insulin and creates an environment in the body unfriendly to parasites.
                      - MSM supplement works as a good antioxidant and affect cancer cells.  
                      - MSM supplement helps relieve symptoms of constipation and affects the colon. 
                      - MSM supplement helps to promote the good health of the horse.

Knowing this, you should start looking for a good supplement to good health.